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Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I decided to update my website tonight and possibly change the theme I was using. Unfortunately, I did what I usually do in life and leapt before I looked, leaving me between a rock and a hard place – figuratively speaking. For those of you who don’t know how WordPress works, once you apply a theme to your website, WordPress doesn’t tell you what theme you were using previously, and of course, I forgot to look because I was so excited for the new theme I’d found.

Unfortunately, the new theme¬†turned out not to be as great as its¬†preview and that’s when the “rock” came in. Almost two seconds later, I realized that I’d forgotten which theme I was using before to make a quick fix since it was already past 1am, and so ensued the “hard place.”

Two and a half hours later, I think I’ve finally settled on this theme, called “Sela.” I’ve decided to put in here just in case I forget it the next time I decide to make spur of the moment, drastic changes.

However, tonight’s take away lesson isn’t what I expected it to be. Rather, I think that when evaluating the course of my life and all the moments when I’ve found myself in these rock and hard place situations, I’ve always found myself not only enduring, but growing in ways I didn’t anticipate. Therefore, once the rush of panic passed, and I realized that despite my poor timing, being that it’s almost 4am now, I actually did a good thing in changing things up.

My website is always a work in progress, since I’m the only one who works on it and I’m always tinkering with it and trying to make it look better and more professional. However, once I settle on a theme, at the very least, I always hope I’ve made it pretty.