Poetry Reading



I will be reading three poems tomorrow at Rebecca’s Cafe in San Diego, California. It’s been nearly a decade since I stood up in front of an audience and read my work. I’m not really nervous, just excited. I had a hard time picking out which poems to read. I may be biased but I felt like I had so many good ones it was just so hard to decide which poems deserved to be shared over all the rest. In the end, I chose what I think to be three of my strongest poems, one is about dreams, the other is about love, and the last one is about life. Dream. Love. Life. It doesn’t get any stronger than that.

The event is open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend. I’m so happy to be participating in this and coming out of my shell once again. I remember how amazing it felt back when I was a teenager, first starting out as a writer. I was unknown, not any more or less than I am now really but still, even more unknown since no one knew I could write – not even myself until it just sort of happened one day – but the excitement was the same. I was never worried that people wouldn’t like my poetry, I was just hoping that they would understand it and feel it in the same way that I do when I am writing it. I get into such a zone, such a sacred space, that nothing can touch me when I’m there.

Sometimes I wonder if that’s what it’s like for other writers and poets, even the famous ones. I wonder what their space feels like, their zone when they’re really in it and the words are flowing out of them like rain out of clouds, freely, easily and with perfect sense and precision.