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7 Days…

Have you ever felt like a chapter in your life was coming to an end? Well, in just 7 days, a significant chapter in my life will be coming to an end. I don’t know if I should hold my breath or exhale in anticipation of this event. I’m sure that I have lived through many chapter endings before, it’s just that it’s so hard to remember what life was like before this chapter. I think, looking back, I’ll call it “My Bookstore,” or “The Greatest Relationship,” or “Love Like No Other,” or “A Successful Failure,” or maybe I’ll just call it, “A Part of Life,” and leave it at that. It was really all of those things and more. Honestly, for four years, it was everything. It defined me. Who I was. What I wanted. And what I loved. Nothing lasts forever though. Well, nothing except love. Love transcends all things. And, seeing as how I was once told by a very trusted source that loving something doesn’t make it stronger, but rather it makes you stronger, I am certain that all that love that poured out of me has actually made me a better person. I know it has. It made me who I am today, which is a far cry from who I was the day before it all began. Perhaps that was its only mission in my journey of life. To allow me to grow in a safe and beautiful environment surrounded by knowledge, literature and a vast array of people from all over the world.

It’s interesting that I begin this blog at a time of one of my life’s greatest endings. Perhaps, looking back in a few years, I will see this time as one of my life’s great beginnings, as I did four years ago.