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Dogs Are Tortured & Killed in Houston and Florida Redlands for FUN

Every day, I read stories about people abusing, neglecting and even killing dogs, and it makes me so sad. Dogs are the purest souls, with so much love to give. I look at my two dogs and I can’t imagine anyone ever hurting them. Places like Houston’s 3rd Ward and the Redlands in Florida, are just two of the places in the United States that need to be addressed on the treatment of dogs. Anyone who has ever had a dog, knows the pain and suffering of losing a beloved friend and family member.
The dogs in these places may not be your family, but they are just as sweet and lovable as the ones that sleep on your couch and cuddle with you in bed. It’s bad enough that they are forced to live in the streets, unprotected from the elements and starving most of the time. They don’t deserve to have heartless people shooting them, running them over with their cars, poisoning them or throwing acid on their backs for fun. This is pure cruelty and it needs to stop!
Please, let’s work together to bring this senseless suffering of all animals to an end. If Sea World can stop their Shamu shows, surely we, the people of the land of the free and the home of the brave, the citizens of the United States of America, can stop mistreating the animals in our own front and backyards. All these dogs want is a little food and loving touch – can’t we find it our hearts to give them that, and so much more…
Thanks for reading my rant, please share and share and share to help get the word out about what’s going on.