I Still Cry For You

I still cry for the memories
That slowly replay in my mind
As I go about my day
And inadvertently find
Moments that bring me back
To all those years we had
I still cry for the moments
When I’d say I love you more
And you’d kiss me harder
And even harder than before,
I still miss all the high fives –
You were such a little sport,
And for every little scratch
And little nudge at my door
I still cry for your sweet face
To look up at me just one more time,
Maybe just another lick, another pant,
Just one more bark and I’d be satisfied,
Even though I know just one more anything
Won’t bring you back into my life
Over fifteen years of friendship gone by
Like a shooting star in the blink of an eye
A loyal soul like no friend I’ve ever known,
You made my life a joy and my house a home
And the thought of living the rest of my years
Here without you is just unbareable at best,
Sometimes I feel a part of me also died
That painful day I laid you down to rest.
In loving memory of my dog, Ruby. I miss you so much my sweet girl! (5/16/1997-8/22/2012)