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Every Day – Movie Review

Imagine falling in love with someone who changes bodies everyday. Now imagine this someone is actually a disembodied spirit. This happens in Michael Sucsy’s Every Day, which proposes that who (or what) we love is more than just skin deep attraction.

Rhiannon (Angourie Rice) is a shy teenager who crosses paths with a disembodied spirit for the first time when it enters the body of her otherwise aloof boyfriend, Justin (Justice Smith). After spending a fun day together, she finds herself telling him personal things, all the while thinking she’s confiding to her boyfriend. As events progress, we learn this being, who calls itself “A”, changes bodies every day, but can only inhabit a particular body for 24 hours.

Over the course of the film, “A” inhabits fifteen different people, whose feelings for Rhiannon continue to blossom until neither one can deny they’re actually in love. The question then becomes the obvious – how does a relationship like this last?

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