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    Do Ivy League Schools Expect Too Much In Their Application Essays?

    I was recently asked to help an 18 year old write an Ivy League college entrance exam essay. And maybe it’s because I haven’t written one in a while, but I found it absolutely ridiculous how much experience Ivy League schools expect young people to have before even reaching the legal drinking age. The questions they ask teenagers to answer, such as life changing and altering experiences in travel, leadership, honesty, and other things are so overrated, especially for someone who is barely legal to vote or marry. Many haven’t had the opportunity to engage in one meaningful relationship, let alone many and in various circumstances. How many life altering…

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    How A New Character Is Born

    People often ask me who or what inspires me. How I get my ideas for the stories I write and the characters I come up with. Sometimes it’s hard to think up an answer on the spot, but I can definitely say that a lot of my stuff comes from things I watch or read. I’m a huge fan of various television shows and books, including popular series. So, how do I take a well known character and turn it into a brand new persona that’s virtually unrecognizable to the public as anyone else but the character as portrayed in my work? First, I think about what I like or…