About Annette

Annette has enjoyed writing and story telling since she was a little girl. Her talent for the written word became obvious one day when she went home sick from school and wrote her first poem, “Does God Love Me?” After that, she continued to write poetry all through high school and college, where she decided to try her hand at writing a screenplay. She wrote her first feature length screenplay when she was nineteen, in just four days. Annette continued to write poetry, prose, as well as screenplays throughout her college years and beyond.

A significant turning point in Annette’s life was when her family moved to San Diego. There, she enrolled in UCSD and graduated with a Communications degree three years later. A few months after that, she convinced her family to purchase a bookstore in Del Mar called Earth Song Books and Gifts.

Although unable to alter the fate of the bookstore when its doors closed in November of 2011, Annette’s life was forever changed by the experiences of being an entrepreneur that continue to inspire and challenge her creativity. Annette has self-published two poetry books that are available on the Kindle Store, and was commissioned to write Harley’s Second Chance, a novella for a San Diego based pet company.

Annette is currently exploring her talents in other writing projects, and recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a screenwriting career in film and television.

Annette is very active in social media and enjoys interacting with her fans and readers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.